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Cee Vee Engineering Ltd is a long established precision engineering company, with a high reputation for quality and forward thinking. Over the years the company has developed a range of general purpose and specialist tools, but also a large part of the Company's activity is devoted to the design and manufacture of the tools to suit customer's own specific requirements.


General Purpose Tool (Type S)

Standard tool is available in a range of lengths and with either an 'A' Jaw or 'C' Jaw. The Jaw opening sizes are as follows:
'A' jaw = 63mm
'C' jaw = 117mm
The range of lengths are as follows:
75cm, 100cm, 125cm, 150cm, 200cm
other lengths are available on request

Stainless Steel Reachers

Cee Vee manufactures Stainless Steel Reachers to any length and jaw type including solid jaws, bucket and 2/3 finger jaws with grip retainers.

Remote Handling Tooling

Cee Vee Engineering have developed a range of long reach manually deployed tools for work in nuclear ponds for both operational and decommissioning purposes. It is a module tooling package which uses lightweight carbon fibre poles as the deployment system, these come in various lengths and be joined together with quick release couplings to provide the required operating length. We currently have a range of standard end effectors which can be attached to the carbon fibre deployment system which will allow for most remote handling tasks to be undertaken within an underwater pond environment. These include camera and lighting modules for viewing, various hydraulic shears, Pneumatic grabs/tongs for sizing reduction and waste handling tasks. Other standard none power tools including rakes, brushes, hooks shovels etc. This tooling package is currently being used successfully at Sellafield to assist in their decommissioning programme. We will work with clients to provide other tooling variants to solve bespoke requirements, in a timely and cost effective manner using our extensive knowledge and experience of remote handling problems.

Underwater Lights

Cee Vee Underwater Lighting systems are tested to IP68 and have a tilt mechanism of 0 to 120 degree tilt. They can be supplied in 500watt or 1000watt systems.

Pneumatic Tools

Cee Vee manufactures a wide range of pneumatic tools for the nuclear industry.

Fuel Element/Bottle Handling Manipulator

Cee Vee manufactured this Manipulator for AGR power stations, for the manipulation of fuel bottles in cooling ponds.

Special Tools

Cee Vee has the capability to produce special tooling, ie: Irradiated Pipe cutting equipment.

Floating Fuel Element Manipulators

Cee Vee manufactured these tools for Magnox Nuclear Power Stations, they are used to handle spent fuel elements (Gimbal mounted version also available).

Over the Wall Tool

The Over the Wall Tool has been specifically designed to protect the operator from hostile environments.

Tilt Head Tools

The tilt mechanism allows these handling tools to reach into awkward areas. The tilt stroke is 0° through to 90° with a capability of a 360° rotation of the tool.

Cee Vee has the capability to manufacture all of its products in-house. The highly skilled personnel have the knowledge and experience to manufacture the most specialised of tools.


CNC Turning
Components up to 400 mm Dia x 500mm Long.
CNC Milling
Up to 1000mm x 500 mm x 500 mm.
All types of production drilling and tapping.
Coded Welding
We offer coded welding to the highest standard and are approved in many industries, in particular, Nuclear Engineering.
We are able to meet our customers technical needs and set high standards of quality at competitive prices.
We offer our customers full design capability, coupled with research, development and full engineering support.

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