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Carbon Fibre tools have been developed for both operational and decommissioning purposes.

Carbon Fibre Breaker Joint
Open Ended Bucket Jaw (CV3188-2GA)
2/3 Finger Jaw (CV2188-1-1)
Reacher/Pincer Jaws (CV4189-1GA)

2/3 Finger Jaw on 2M Pole
Valve Assembly on 2M Pole
Bucket Jaw on 2M Pole
Pincer Jaw on 2M Pole

Carbon System with Foot Pedal
Foot pedal with 1M & 2M Poles
LED Light System (CV4097-1GA)
LED Light on Bracket (CV4097-1GA)

Articulated Manipulators
Heavy Duty Gimbal Clamp CV4096-100
Pneu Maglift Tool CV4101-1M
Scrapers CV4193-1GA

Remote Socket Tool CV8001-1GA
De-min Water Powered Flush Tank
Pneumatic Articulated Manip
Contaminated Sample Transport Device

Camera & Light System
Carriage Assembly
Chisel Attachments CV2188-1-2S
Hydraulic Close Cropping Tool

Adjustable Drill Stand
Hook Tools CV4091/2-1
Gimbal Clamps(CV4096-50GA)
Lift Attachments CV4103-GA

Dustpan Attachment (CV4194-1GA)
Hydraulic Cutter (CV4102-1GA)
Carbon Wolf Adaptors (CV4101-1GA)
Gimbal Clamps (CV4096-1GA)